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Fake An Injury Day (Spirit Week, #1) summary Fake An Injury Day (Spirit Week, #1) , series Fake An Injury Day (Spirit Week, #1) , book Fake An Injury Day (Spirit Week, #1) , pdf Fake An Injury Day (Spirit Week, #1) , Fake An Injury Day (Spirit Week, #1) 355a6363a3 Fake An Injury Day Deadly Sins DayFairytale DayHipster DayMetal DayNerd DayBum Day Spirit Week Days Painful Ways To DieWhen A High Schooler Goes Missing During Spirit Week, Her Best Friends Investigate Her Whereabouts The Search For Her Leads Them To Haunted Christopher High School, Where The Search Has Finally Stopped, But The Terror Is Just Getting Started, And It S Always Spirit Week There Each Terrifying Moment Brings A Deadly Spirit Week Theme That Threatens To Pick These Friends Off One By One Fake An Injury Day Has New Meaning In This Chilling High School Tale

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    Firstly, the GR kindle synopsis is incorrect so please do not read it Here is the correct synopsis

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    this is hell and it s always Spirit Week here So, first things first Before this series, I d never even heard of Spirit Week I searched the internet and tried to get an understanding of what it was And then I tried to find the book For a long long time, I wasn t able to buy it But I waited patiently and finally got the message from the author that the book was live on .I raced right over and bought it.Like any good horror story fan, I read this book at night, in the dark on my kindle while up alone It s the best way to read horror and really adds to the atmosphere and I loved this book I loved it The creepy pictures that start each chapter holy moly really helped keep the creepy factor going The story flowed well, the characters were easy to follow and I loved hearing about their injuries costumes I loved this first installment I would play this game and I will definitely keep an eager eye out for the rest of the series 11 18 14 UPDATE with a lovely message from the authorI jumped over to and BOUGHT THIS I m so excited I just have to get through the current pile next to me and then I m READING THIS Okay, maybe I ll just read it first review to come soon I am DYING to get my hands on this book I ve watched and wondered but have not been able to find it PLEASE get it on I want to read it the whole series PLEASE

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    I would love to read this book Does anyone know where it can be purchased and Barnes Noble don t seem to have it Anyone Bueller

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    I actually really really like the cover and the title, so that s why I went ahead and read this I think the characters were pretty convincing, and they were fun They felt like peeps I could ve gone to school with The plot was good to me so I m satisfied after having read this I like horror and YA, so I got what I wanted in this I m satisfied.

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    I received this book as a free ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I thought the story was interesting, and it was clever the way the author used a school tradition as popular as Spirit Week for the backdrop of this story I can t give too much away because the ARC was also in it s Alpha phase, which means some minor changes may be made to the story before it s all said and done In any event, as far as the characters in this, I really like the main character, Justine Dodd I liked the character arc she went through in the story, and I thought she felt realistic and was sympathetic in her own way I also like the relationship she had with her boyfriend in the story.Fake An Injury Day was a fast and fun read Aside from the central story, there were some amazing illustrations in the book that detailed how to make an actual Spirit Week costume So, the whole book was a fun concept and very interesting It was different I d be curious to see what book 2 will be like I know it will be a lot of fun like book 1 was

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    I spent the night binging on this book This book is was a great read, the illustrations helped me visualize the story I love how the writer chose the name Skinner as the principle, it cracked me up, reminded me of a beloved character on TV I also love how the story ramped up on the group s concern over Carla, youth and friendship goes hand in hand and this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling despite the horrors that come next.I m not from the USA, so this story also gave me an alternative insight of the lives of youngsters there I didn t even know about Spirit Week or Fake an Injury Day before I read this book But I can relate to a haunted school building premise, I had my share of that in my younger days.I think avid fans of YA Horror genre will enjoy this book as much as I did.

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    I don t usually write book reviews so I ll make this one brief Being in college actaully I m just a sopho now, this kind of book made me remember what Spirit Week was like back in high school and how fun it was, while at the same time making it sort of scary The plot points of the book made me thinkWhat If The characters are interesting but at the same time they don t overshadow the main characters, which are obviously the Spirit Week days This book was a short, quick read, which I like I m going to leave a review of book 2 in the so called series If it s good then I ll consider reading the whole series until I get tired of the whole thing.

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    This was a really enjoyable read and the premise I think could easily be adapted into a popular film it s fast, dark, gritty and at its core very good and realistic dialogue between the teenage cast The author has really found her niche writing for this age demography, with plenty of twists and turns which kept me engrossed until the final page.While it is a YA horror it is never over the top or grotesque and the descriptions are excellent A fun, pacey and perfect young adult book and I look forward to in the series.

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    I thought the idea of centering a horror book around the idea of a school spirit week was a fun concept I was excited to read it and was prepared for a spooky late night read.Unfortunately the writing was very poor, there was no character development, the actual plot made little to no sense and the parts of the book that were somewhat entertaining to read came across as poor imitations of 80s slasher flicks.Really just a mess of a book with a few interesting bits of imagery that quickly lose their luster.

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